Plum Organic Food - Organic Wholefoods & Gourmet Bircher Muesli - Buy Organic Online

For a healthy cereal  try our bircher muesli , or an organic food, toasted muesli or gluten free muesli. Buy organic online wholesale or make a paleo breakfast with Plum's paleo granola which is also a gluten free granola. Get a healthy granola with your organic food delivery.

Plum Organic Foods P/L, winner of two Great Taste Awards, are long established Australian manufacturers & suppliers of healthy wholefoods breakfast cereals, muesli and granola products, particulary crunchy toased muesli, gourmet bircher muesli, and paleo granola and gluten free granola & muesli products. Plum Food's products are mainly 100% organic or majority organic by volume, as specified. Plum also offer private label organic food products as well as bulk organic foods to other wholesale food distributors.