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By: Admin   On: 1 June 2018 

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Nutrition Pills! Really! Why eat all those capsule cases?

By: Admin   On: 16 July 2019

Even if they are not Vegans, vegetarians would not deliberately choose a product that is encased in an animal protein product. The other ingredients of these capsule cases are not typical high nutritional value foods.

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What is EGLER - Now you Know

By: Admin   On: 9 June 2019

Finally find out what is EGLER, and what it is all about.

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New Boost Nutrients Brand Smoothie and Acai Bowl Ingredients

By: Admin   On: 29 May 2019

Try the extended rage of healthy smoothie ingredients and Acai Bowl topping from Boost Nutrients.

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Groceries Loyalty Program For Opera Foods

By: admin   On: 16 May 2019

We offer a loyalty program that offers real rewards in addition to our bulk buy discounts.

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Kombi Mug FREE Gift Offer

By: admin   On: 15 May 2019

Here is a great Free Gift when you order more than $99 worth in a consumer direct order.

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Jezve Coffee in the serenity of Lyne Park Rose Bay

By: Admin   On: 28 March 2019

Rose Bay has some great spots for a relaxing coffee. Try JEZVE Coffee in Lyne Park.

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Ritchies New Lambton Store Re-Opening

By: Admin   On: 12 March 2019

Dont miss the re-opening of the enlarged store at Richies New Lambton with its Local Brands section.

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Have Nothing for Lunch? No Worries - Granola

By: Admin   On: 1 March 2019

When you have forgotten to get lunch, grab a quick bowl of granola. Oh Yeah!

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Christmas Gifts and Gourmet Platters & Hampers

By: Admin   On: 4 December 2018

Get in quick for the last of our Christmas Gift hamper products while they last

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Harris Farm Markets New Cooks Hill Concept - A Huge Impact.

By: Admin   On: 22 November 2018

The new Harris Farm Markets store at Cooks Hill NSW in inner Newcastle, has made a huge impact locally and is an inviting place to shop.

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Opera Foods Christmas 2018 Closures

By: Admin   On: 13 November 2018

Dont forget to take account of our closure days around the Christmas and new Years breaks to arrange orders or deliveries.

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Bay Cookies Merged into Bush Cookies

By: Admin   On: 7 November 2018

Local Australian cookies manufacturer, Bay Cookies of Warners Bay NSW, has now been merged into sister business Bush Cookies. The merged cookie and biscuit products will be unchanged including barcodes and only the brand logo is affected.

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Joe Black Café Surry Hills Serving Deliciouse and Stylish Meals

By: Admin   On: 30 October 2018

The Joe Black Cafe is another example of healthy gourmet fine foods beautifully served in a great cafe atmosphere in Sydney. Try their Gourmet Granola & Coffee special.

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Aid for Drought Stricken Farmers

By: Admin   On: 3 August 2018

We all need to help drought stricken farmers and Harris Farm Markets are one of the Australian businesses getting behind the cause.

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Fresh Awards 2018 – NSW Finest Greengrocers

By: Admin   On: 28 July 2018

The Greengrocer of the Year Awards are an important acknowledgement of the local businesses that provide excellent produce, unique brands and excellent service to their local communities all year round.

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GMO Crops Vindicated - Actually Protecting the Environment

By: Aniko Silk   On: 11 July 2018

A former anti-GMO activist had now agreed that GMO Crops have been vindicated as actually protecting the environment

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Pep Tea Kombucha Featured on Landline

By: Admin   On: 21 June 2018

Pep Tea's Kombucha flavors are all natural and certified organic. ABC's Landline tells the story about Pep Tea's brewer Jeff Low.

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Bibina Foodservice Distributes the Opera Foods Range

Bibina Foodservice are now distributing the Gourmet product ranges of Opera Foods throughout Newcastle, Central Coast & the Hunter Valley Regions. Bibina also offers them via wholesale shopping direct to the public at their Warners Bay shopfront.

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Greenwood Grocer Extends Range of Opera Foods Brands

By: Admin   On: 7 April 2018

Greenwood Grocer at Greenwood Plaza North Sydney, famous for their boardroom platter deliveries, now stock the Plum Foods granola ranges and Mulberry Tree muesli.

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See us at Fantastic Food and Drink 2018

By: Admin   On: 10 January 2018

Come sample some of our products and find new grocery product suppliers at Fantastic Food 2018.

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