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Opera Foods delivers Pep Tea brand, healthy, genuine Japanese organic ceremonial grade, matcha tea powder to Australia's Health food stores gourmet grocers and retailers.

We also deliver Pep Tea's culinary grade matcha tea powder (also Japanese and organic) to discerning cafes, restuarants and food manufacturers for matcha ingredient use in food production.

Organic Matcha Powder

True organic high grade match tea powder only comes from the ancient tea plantations of southern Japan. No other producers compare.
Ceremonial gradeSupreme Organic Japanese Matcha Tea Powder ny Pep Tea Australia
Our own Pep Tea brand is known for its highest quality Japanese Match Tea Powder.

They are all organic products and certified by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. Our Matcha tea Powder is perfect for antioxidant and nutrient value and for cancer fighting categins.

Wheather you are looking for a highly prised Supreme grade (the highest ceremonial grade matcha available) in a 30g gift tin, or a more practical grade for Culinary use in food production  We can meet your needs.

Imperial Japanese Matcha tea powder from Pep Tea Premium a Culinary grade Japanese Match Tea Powder from Pep Tea


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Pep Tea is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd. See our blog for cafe food recipes.