Authentic Organic Japanese Matcha and Teas

Australia's Pep Tea brand of match tea powder is 100 % organically grown in the famous tea plantations of southern Japan and is certified organic by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. (No blending with other country's product here to reduce costs). You will notice the true bright colour and will taste the refined flavor of the genuine ceremonial grade matcha tea from Pep Tea.
Matcha Green Tea powder is known to be one of the most powerful natural superfoods available, which is why you should enjoy the benefits of Matcha Tea by drinking a cup every day.

Good quality Organic Matcha Tea is:-

  1. Very High in Antioxidants
  2. Very High with Catechin EGCg.
  3. Fortifies the Immune System
  4. Improves Cholesterol
  5. Burns Calories for Weight Loss
  6. Boosts Pep and Vitality Levels

 For more details details about the amazing properties of high quality Match Tea see the Pep Tea Website