Australian Biscuits and Cookies

Many Australian biscuits and cookies are perfect snack foods and ideal for a high tea party or afternoon tea Our gourmet foods blog continues with cookies.

Australian biscuits and cookies are perhaps best represented by the Anzac Biscuits however there are many more that have been either invented by Australia's great cooks or adopted by them, which are idea for afternoon tea or a high tea party, even if it just a quick "hi tea".

Cookies make a delightfull high tea food and we are going to help you discover the best cookies.

New Cream Filled Melting Moment Cookie Variations

Chock dipped cream and jam Melting Moments

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History of Anzac Biscuits

By: Admin   On: 15 June 2016

Anzac biscuits are one of Australia's favorite snack foods. A nice crunchy biscuit that reminds us of our great Aussie history.

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