Gluten Free Products

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Gluten Free Products Gluten Free Products

Where to find good gluten free products in Australia. Analysing Gluten Free Food Products.

Gluten Free Products - The details.

In Gluten Free Products our articles look at; Gluten Free Cereal, particularly Gluten Free Granola, Gluten Free Cookies, Gluten Free Drinks and Gluten Free lollies or confectionery. Many good gluten free foods are available in an increasing number.

You need to be mindful of the brand's integrity, but most packaged food with gluten free claims are correct even though fresh food outlets that are not packaged by better established manufactures have found to be misleading. See our article False Gluten Free Claims in Food Outlets.

Coliecs will know that they need to be wary as the consequences can be harsh. However those who believe that food with high gluten content can irritate them may be less affected by an inaccurate label.

Gluten Free Cereal

Gluten free cereal needs to be based on non-cereal grains. In our article Gluten Fee Oats Don't Exist - Oats are Not Gluten Free, we make clear that American based manufacturers have been allowed to classify oats as gluten free whilst they are actually not. We also like to point out that not everyone should be eating Gluten free in this article: Misconceptions about Gluten Free Products

Gluten Free Granola

Gluten Free granola products needs to be manufactured separate to other products to avoid contamination from cereal grains that might leave minute traces of gluten. Opera Foods sells a range of granola products that are gluten free and use seeds and nuts in place of cereal grains. Some products that were designed as a Keto granola or a Paleo granola or even as a Vegan granola are also naturally gluten free.

Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten free cookies can be hard to eat however through the Bush Cookies Brand we can recommend two quite nice to eat gluten free biscuits. Find Gluten free biscuits in our Gluten Free product category.

Gluten Free Lollies

We have discovered a range of snack bars and soft gummy lollies that are also gluten free. Our search box will show gluten free confectionery products as we include those words in the product name.

Gluten Free Drinks

Our Kombucha range are not only organic but also gluten free drinks that are great alcoholic mixers. They are also fruity, alcohol free and sugar free drinks that are great for kids.

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Buy Gluten Free Direct from Distributor Opera Foods

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