Bulk Lollies Online

Bulk Lollies Online Bulk Lollies Online

Here is how and where to buy the best bulk lollies for your candy buffet or lolly bar. The Lolly Shop is your lolly warehouse.

Bulk lollies are the best way to buy candy buffet supplies. Buy bulk lollies from the candy shop that is a lolly warehouse as well as a bulk supplier of lollies online. Bulk lollies are important to keep costs low and allow you to present a a good variety of confectionery for candy buffet or lolly bar and pinata partys


What Makes Gummy Bears So Good?

By: admin   On: 26 May 2024

Good Old Gummy Bears!

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Mini Marshmallows. Making Baking Fun

By: admin   On: 22 May 2024

Mini Marshmallows are Tasty Fun.

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Party Lollies: What to Have and How Much

By: admin   On: 27 March 2024

Lolly Up! Its Party Time.

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Why do we Like Sour Lollies so Much?

By: admin   On: 13 April 2023

Do you fancy something a little sour?

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What to put in kids party bags

By: admin   On: 17 January 2023

You need to think about what to put in kids party bags?

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Your Number 1 Guide to Lollies Online

By: admin   On: 11 September 2022

Bulk Lollies for your function.

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Humbug Lollies and Aniseed Sweets

By: admin   On: 20 November 2021

Get your lolly Jars for Christmas.

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Pucker up for Some Sour Lollies

By: admin   On: 21 September 2021

Sour Confectionery is on the Up

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Kids Party Ideas - Make Your Own Mini Pinatas

By: admin   On: 28 August 2021

Lets look at making fun easy Mini Pinatas

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All the Lollies for a Pinata Party

By: admin   On: 19 August 2021

If your planning a Kids Party then you can't go wrong with a pinata to extend the fun and laughter.

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Opera Foods Group now a Mars Wrigley Distributor

By: admin   On: 1 July 2020

Healthy Kind snack bars and bulk mars snack bars variety now sold

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Mini Musk Sticks Bulk Buy Confectionery

By: Admin   On: 9 November 2018

Buy bulk Mini Musk Sticks confectionery from The Lolly Shop brand perfect for kids parties.

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Bulk Lollies Best Buys for Lolly Buffet

By: Admin  

Take a serious look at the great bulk lolly product range at Opera Foods' online gourmet store.

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Good Retail Margins in Impulse Buy Confectionery Products

By: Admin   On: 8 March 2018

Popular Gourmet Gift products introduced in Variety Pack. The Lolly Shop's boiled lolly gift jars come in classic flavours. Perfect for gourmet gift baskets

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Wholesale Popular Bagged Confectionery

By: Admin   On: 4 January 2017

Stock the most popular confectionery products. Hanging bags of lollies at your checkout attract a lot of impulse sales, especially classic lolly flavours.

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Classic Boiled Lollies now at Bulk Order Price

By: Admin   On: 4 July 2016

Excellent impulse buys with great margins

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