Mulberry Tree's Paleo Granola with Organic Acai Berry Powder

By: Aniko Silk   On: 18 February 2019 

Mulberry Tree's Paleo Granola with Organic Acai Berry Powder Mulberry Tree's Paleo Granola with Organic Acai Berry Powder

Acai Berry powder served on healthy cereals make an easy healthy breakfast and Mulberry Tree's natural wholefood Paleo granola is perfect

Acai berry powder served on a Paleo granola from Opera Foods #operafoods #paleo #acai

Try organic Acai Berry from Amazon Power, on a Paleo granola for an extremely nutritious and easy healthy breakfast.

Mulberry Tree brand produces an excellent and tasty paleo granola that is loaded with natural wholefoods but of course excludes cereal grains to make it a true paleo food product.

When served with a teaspoon full of Amazon Power's organic acai berry powder you have an additional load of nutrients and antioxidants to improve your health and wellbeing.

Acai Berry is a blackish purple coloured wild berry harvested from the tall palm trees in the rainforests of Brazil. For centuries the Amazon's indigenouse people have used Acai berries for healing and nutrition.

Modern clinical studies now present this superfood as one of the nutrtional powerhouse fruits.

Acai berry powder is also a perfect product for mixing more nutrients and antioxidants into any kind of fresh fruit or vegatable smoothie. Its also great as a topping on deserts or served in a tea.

Buy both Mulberry Tree brand Crispy Apple Paleo Granola and also Amazon Power's acai berry powder online today from Fine Food Distributors Opera Foods.

Mulberry Tree is a division of Opera Foods Pty Ltd. Amazon Power brand organic Acai Berry Powder is a product distributed by Opera Foods gourmet & organic wholesale food suppliers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle.
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