How to Make Almond Butter for your Smoothies

By: Admin   On: 12 June 2019 

How to Make Almond Butter for your Smoothies How to Make Almond Butter for your Smoothies

Almond butter is a great product for healthy smoothie and acia bowl toppings or even on your porridge.

It is always cheaper to buy raw almonds online than Almond butter. If you start making your own Almond butter at home you are roughly saving about $7 every time you do so. The recipe for making Almond butter at home is very easy as all you need is raw almonds and maybe a pinch of salt or granulated sugar for your taste. You can buy raw almonds in bulk from our online store at a very affordable price and even get it delivered to your home.

For Almond Butter use the chipped & broken product. They are the same quality, just unsorted, So they a little cheaper as they still contain some chipped and broken ones that otherwise go into manufactured products. Purely for asthetic reasons.)

Firstly heat the almonds in an oven for about ten minutes. Then keep it aside to cool down until the almonds are slightly warm but not extremely hot. Then transfer the almonds into the processor and start processing it until it appears creamy. You should stop the processor and scrape the sides after every 5 minutes but this entire process will take up to twenty-five minutes. The almonds will start breaking down into small crumbs and then into flour and lastly, it will turn into silky-smooth almond butter.

Once it becomes totally small and creamy you can (if your really must) add a little salt or granulated sugar for taste and transfer it into a glass jar and then store it in a cool place. Your Almond butter is ready and it generally lasts for a month.

If you keep it strictly healthy, without adding sugar or salt to the mix, Almond butter becomes a healthy topping for your Porridge, Smoothies or Acai Bowl ingredient.