Ice Cold Ginger Organic Kombucha Tea

By: Admin   On: 30 October 2018 

Ice Cold Ginger Organic Kombucha Tea Ice Cold Ginger Organic Kombucha Tea

Ginger is a particularly relevant flavour for Kombucha Tea. It has the zesty flavour to refresh

Ginger-Organic-Pep-Tea-KombuchaPep Tea flavours it’s kombucha tea with distilled natural fruit or in the case of Ginger flavour, root essences, to keep it organic and natural.

Ginger essence is a widely loved and zingy refreshing taste that makes a big difference for your thirst. So put some Pep into your Step with a healthy, Sugar Free, Ginger flavoured Kombucha from Pep Tea Australia’s best kombucha.

Pep Tea’s Kombucha drinks are; organic, Sugar Free, Low GI, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy Free, raw and unpasteurised, and loaded with natural probiotics that are naturally developed in the fermentation and brewing cycle.

Pep Tea kombucha drinks a ”shelf Stable”  and so require no refrigeration until opened.

You can Buy Pep Tea Ginger kombucha online in bulk for overnight delivery at wholesale distributor Opera Foods.
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