New Boost Nutrients Brand Smoothie and Acai Bowl Ingredients

By: Admin   On: 29 May 2019 

New Boost Nutrients Brand Smoothie and Acai Bowl Ingredients New Boost Nutrients Brand Smoothie and Acai Bowl Ingredients

Try the extended rage of healthy smoothie ingredients and Acai Bowl topping from Boost Nutrients.

Opera Foods wholesale food suppliers to Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane Cafes have increased the range of Boost Nutrients brand smoothie ingredients and acai bowl ingredients.

Smoothie and Acai Bowl Ingredients

The Boost Nutrient brand range includes high nutrient fruit and vegetable powders for easy healthy smoothies. Such as the organic Banana Powder shown.
Boost Nutrients also offer a wide range of superfood seeds and protein powders for Acai bowl toppings.

The acai bowl has become a perfect way to serve nutrients that are wholefood and healthy and can quickly be tailored to the consumers preferences.

Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Through our healthy breakfast cereal brands, Plum Foods and Mulberry Tree, Opera Foods has long been a supplier of gourmet and organic granola, Bircher muesli and organic rolled oats for porridge, to Australia's discerning cafes.

Acai Bowl Ingredients

In recent years we have also become a private label supplier of our super crunchy granola to Acai Berry distributors. Granola is the most important additives to Acai bowls due to its wholefood and crunchy nature. Ours are also a great protein source based on organic oats and pesticide free almonds.

Our range of seeds includes many organic superfood seeds and powders sold wholesale for healthy acai bowl meals or granola bowl servings. Seeds such as Hemp Seeds Hulls, Black Sesame seeds, Linseeds, pepitas and Sunflower Kernels make great toppings. Also we offer protein powders like Pea Protein 80%, a vegan protein and high grade 80% Whey Protein Concentrate and Hemp Protein powders as well as Maca root Powder.

Our new fruit powders and vegetable powders are high grade. Not your typical freeze dried products and are ideal for smoothie shakes and smoothie bowls to add natural nutrients and avoid the need for labour intensive fruit and vegetable processing. Our super green vegetable powders also take the work out of serving a highly nutritious vegetable smoothie shake.

The Boost Nutrients brand for smoothie and acai bowl ingredients, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods.