Organic Kale Vegetable Powder 100g - Boost Nutrients

Made from 100% naturally dried Kale Puree


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  • Healthy smoothies made easy with natural dried vegetable powders
  • Keep healthy breakfast smoothies ready to go in your pantry
  • Give them super greens fast in a breakfast smoothie with super greens powder
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Trial size 100g pack. Make easy healthy smoothies with Spinach powder a powdered vegetable or Greens Powder for smoothie bowl ingredients also for Acai bowl or granola bowl toppings

Boost Nutrients are distributors of high quality food powders to Australia's cafes and to retailers. We strive to offer high quality nutrient rich ingredients with real nutritional value from real ingredients. Our products are sourced from HACCP certified manufacturers and from certified organic manufacturers and processors where we offer organic products. Boost Nutrients is an Australian brand that uses only the freshest raw ingredients sourced from Australian producers where possible and otherwise from reliable and high-quality suppliers abroad. Our natural fruit and vegetable powders are perfect ingredients for a range of healthy food products particularly healthy smoothies and for quick toppings for Acai bowl and or granola bowls.

Not Freeze Dried.

Boost Nutrients powders are made with a totally different technology to freeze dried products. They are made with a low temperature continuous evaporation process which is very gentle on the products. It’s also a faster process where the low temperature drying process retains the nutrients and volatile flavours and colours without damaging them in the process. This unique low temperature gentle drying process forms a natural crystalline structure. It is by far the gentlest method available and superior to every other method in preserving colour, flavour, aroma and most importantly the precious nutrients. They are first made into a puree then evaporated. So, the resultant powders are pure and natural with higher nutritional value.

High Nutrient Retention.

The Boost Nutrient brand vegetable and fruit powders have high nutrient retention due to the unique drying technology. For example, the, our carrot juice powder has beta-carotene 1010mg/Kg and the Beetroot juice powder shows Nitrite at 2180 mg/100gm.

Rehydration rate:

Add 1900ml of water to 100g of product to give 2000 of rehydrated product

Made in Australia

Boost Nutrients is Australian owned and operated. All of boost Nutrient Fruit and vegetable powders are made right here in Australia in in a state-of-the-art drying facility. Ingredients are predominately Australia grown with a few imported ingredients where suitable fruit or vegetables not readily available.

How To use Boost Nutrients' Fruit & vegetable powders

Choose the above re-hydration rate, as the ratio of powder to real fruit or vegetable products. This will assist you to estimate how use the powders in place of real fruit or vegetables in a recipe. This will give you the nutritional value of the original product. Use a higher ration of powder if you are seeking extra nutrition. But don’t worry it’s hard to overdose on real natural foods like Boost Nutrients brand fruit & vegetable Powders.

Gluten Free.

All of the Boost Nutrient powdered Fruit and vegetable products are gluten free and allergen free.


Boost Nutrient's Powders have a long shelf life (more than 2 years) when stored under the correct conditions. They are packed in foil lined resealable bags. Store all unopened powders in a cool dry place, ideally less than 20°C. Once opened it is best to squeeze out as much air as possible and re-seal the bag very quickly. Store the resealed bag in your freezer or your refrigerator where there is very low moisture. Never leave the bags opened for any prolonged time as the powders will absorb moisture from the air and start to lump or cake-up. If your powder does lump or cake it is still perfectly OK to use, just break it up either by hand or in the blender. Some fruit and vegetable powders have anti-caking agent additives to keep them free-flow under non-ideal conditions. Since our powders don’t contain anti-caking unless they absolutely have to, the powders may harden in clumps if not handled carefully or stored correctly.

Barcode # 9339099010142
Brand Boost Nutrients
Assembled Length 0.110m
Assembled Height 0.200m
Assembled Width 0.012m
Nutrient Quantity Per 100G
Energy(kj): 1287
Protein(g): 20
Total Fats(g): 2.2
Carbohydrates(g): 61
-Sugars(g): 5
Sodium (mg): 253
Ingredients: 100% Organic Kale Puree
Country Of Origin: Made In Australia from Australian Produce

Made from Real VegetablePuree

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