Quinoa Flakes: Spotlight on Whole Grain Cereals

By: admin   On: 4 July 2022 

Quinoa Flakes: Spotlight on Whole Grain Cereals Quinoa Flakes: Spotlight on Whole Grain Cereals

Why Quinoa Flakes Quinoa has found itself in the ingredients list of many a premium muesli or granola

What are quinoa flakes? Healthy cereal, especially muesli and granola, goes way beyond wheat. We have already looked at how wholegrains are the heart of a healthy cereal, and would now like to investigate some of these healthy grains in more detail. Starting with quinoa flakes.

Quinoa in your breakfast cereal

With more and more people on the lookout for healthy breakfast cereals that will meet their dietary needs, or even just a bit more interest in their morning bowl, quinoa has found itself in the ingredients list of many a premium muesli or granola.

Most of us are, by now, familiar with quinoa as an ingredient. Something we may cook instead of rice, or stir into a healthy grain salad. It looks like a round seed, bigger than chia, that softens and expands when cooked. But breakfast cereal requires a different approach. Raw, whole grains are completely unpalatable. Yet cooked grains are no longer dry; a state which is kind of crucial to the whole concept. The answer lies, and always has, in some kind of mechanical processing.

So, you will find quinoa in your breakfast cereal in two forms. Puffed quinoa, and quinoa flakes. Puffed quinoa is less raw than quinoa flakes as it is popped using heat (like puffed rice). Quinoa flakes, on the other hand, are pressed raw (like rolled oats). Both forms are just alternative versions of whole quinoa, so have the same nutritional benefits and properties.

Quinoa flakes are found in our 5 Grain Porridge mix, as well as our gluten-free granola Maple Nut Crunch.

Is quinoa a grain?

Unlike true grains, quinoa is the seed of a plant rather than a cereal grass. We think of it as a grain, as it behaves in very much the same way, but it is a pseudograin, not a true grain.

Are quinoa flakes gluten free?

Yes, quinoa flakes are gluten free.

Is quinoa a carb or a protein?

Quinoa is both carb and protein. As a grain-like food we tend to cook and serve it like a carbohydrate, and it does indeed contain carbohydrates. But it also provides us with all the essential amino acids and is considered a complete protein. For that reason, it has bonafide superfood status.

What does quinoa taste like?

Quinoa tastes slightly sweet and nutty. It does have a little bitterness, with grassy undertones. The taste and texture of quinoa flakes is not unlike rolled oats; when toasted they are more nutty and sweet.

Are quinoa flakes healthy?

Quinoa flakes share all the nutritional benefits of quinoa, which is higher in nutrients than most grains.

Good for your heart - 

Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce the LDL cholesterol that leaves fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries, increasing the risk of heart attack. They also help to reduce inflammation.

Good for growth and repair - 

One of the best sources of plant protein, quinoa helps to keep hunger at bay and therefore maintain a healthy weight. It is particularly rich in amino acid lysine, which is important for tissue growth and repair and is believed to be particularly effective at burning fat.

Full of antioxidants - 

A great source of antioxidant vitamin E (hello healthy skin), quinoa is also rich in the polyphenol quercetin; another powerful antioxidant.

Rich in minerals -

Quinoa is an abundant source of minerals. There's...

Manganese for metabolism.

Phosphorus for bones.

Iron for blood.

Copper for the heart.

Quinoa flakes are also really easy to digest, which makes them perfect for breakfast.


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