History of Anzac Biscuits

By: Admin   On: 15 June 2016 

History of Anzac Biscuits History of Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits are one of Australia's favorite snack foods. A nice crunchy biscuit that reminds us of our great Aussie history. The Anzac Biscuit

History of the Anzac Biscuit

Did you know that Anzac Biscuit is a common nickname given to traditional Australian oaten biscuits because of the similarity to hardtack long life biscuits used by the Anzac soldiers during the First World War.

Plain hardtack style biscuits are actually simpler in ingredients and much harder and have been made for soldiers and sailors since ancient times. It was known as a dhourra cake to Egyptian mariners and buccellum in the Roman Legions. The British Royal Navy was among the first to mass-produce hardtack as early as the 1660s.

The typical Australian Anzac Biscuit today is a simple sweeter biscuit, made using various combinations of rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water and sometimes desiccated coconut. Its extra ingredients make it softer to chew or crunchy and slightly sweeter of course, but not a classically sweet biscuit and still with a reasonable long life.

Australian Bush Recipe
Long before they were nicknamed Anzacs, these simple oaten biscuits were made from old recipes used by Australia's famous outback cooks who would substitute honey when they didn’t have sugar or golden syrup and animal fat when they didn’t have butter. Their appeal was in their simplicity to make, ease to transport and long life qualities.

They were always good treats to stick in the tucker bag of a man working out in the bush who would not come home very night but camp out often because of the distance to get home, and a treat when guests came over.

Over the years most young Australian girls would start their cooking skills with mum or nan showing them how to bang out a batch of rolled oat biscuits, which always went down well with a cup of tea. Anzac style biscuits are still a popular homemade biscuit in Australia and still a treat when company is arriving.

When you don’t have time to bake, we think our old bush recipe version is the best. Why not give them a shot. Anzac Biscuits Serve with tea or coffee.

Australian RSL

The RSL (Returned Services League) is an outstanding Australian iconic institution that for over a century has supported the families of those who have served. The use of the word ANZAC is protected by legislation and requires formal approval to be used in any commercial situation. The spirit of the ANZACS is important in Australia. Please support your local events and fundraisers. If your having an RSL fundraiser or just offering tea and biscuits after an event. call us for a discounted price for packs of Anzac Biscuits. Were supporters.