The Best Biscuits for Coffee

By: admin   On: 7 July 2024 

The Best Biscuits for Coffee The Best Biscuits for Coffee

As any tea lover will tell you, just because a biscuit tastes really really good, this doesn't necessarily make it dunkable. There is an art to successful dunking and, let's face it, Some Buscuits just go better with Coffee?

We all know that there's nothing quite like dunking a biscuit in a lovely cuppa. Of tea, that is. But what about the coffee lovers amongst us; surely we deserve a piece of that action too? There are two sides to enjoying coffee and biscuits, and they don't always go together. On the one hand, there's flavour. It's gotta taste good, right? A well-earned coffee break is not something we take lightly. But then there's dunking. How much do we need to dip that biscuit...

What Biscuit Goes Well With Coffee?

Coffee is an entirely different animal from tea, and what (as they say) is good for the goose is not always entirely good for the gander. Coffee pairings are not always easy, but one thing is for certain. You need a biscuit with a bit of character. Something that will stand up, look coffee straight in the eye and announce 'Here I am'.

The Rich and Chocolatey

Coffee likes chocolate. And chocolate likes coffee. There's just something there that cannot be denied. Dark chocolate is bold, and the two bring out the best in one another. The creamy sweetness of milk chocolate tames the wild intensity of coffee into something more comforting. Something mocha-esque.

A chocolate-coated biscuit is most definitely not made for dunking. But that does not mean it can't be the perfect partner for a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the classic chocolate chip cookie offers the perfect balance of chocolatey flavour with a slightly gooey texture that soaks up coffee like a sponge.

The Buttery and Flaky

Oh, the joy of a buttery biscuit! It's like a hug for your taste buds, and when submerged into a warm Arabica blend, it soaks up all that robust coffee goodness. The classic shortbread biscuit, with its crumbly texture and rich flavour, is the partner your coffee has been pining for.

The Rough and Ready

Sometimes you want something just a little more robust. A rugged dunker full of flavour like a classic Anzac bikkie.

The Spicy and Aromatic

Spice up your coffee routine with something that packs a punch, like these ginger and date biscuits. Dip them into a latte, and the creaminess of the milk perfectly complements the zesty ginger bite.

Sweet and Creamy

Cream-filled biscuits sit somewhere in the middle. They also completely divide the crowd. Whilst they will stand up well to a decent dunking, would you really want to?

What Biscuits do you Dunk in Coffee?

Debatably, there's an art to dunking. It's all about the timing—the quick, strategic plunge into the coffee, allowing the biscuit to soak up just enough liquid while retaining its integrity. Nobody wants a biscuit graveyard at the bottom of their cup.

As any tea lover will tell you, just because a biscuit tastes really really good, this doesn't necessarily make it dunkable. There is an art to successful dunking and, let's face it, when you take taste out of the equation tea and coffee pretty much boil down to the same thing.

So, let's explore the art of biscuit dunking.


Just like a perfect handshake, there's the right amount of time for a dunk. Too short, and you miss out on the coffee infusion; too long, and you're fishing for biscuit remnants at the bottom of your cup.

Choose your weapon

Not all biscuits are built for dunking. Go for something sturdy that won't crumble at first contact with your brew.


A slight softening from the coffee can elevate the texture to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Flavour pairing

Think about the coffee's undertones—nutty, fruity, chocolatey? Pick a biscuit that complements or contrasts these flavours.

Nail your technique

Dunk at an angle for even saturation and to prevent half the biscuit from soaking too much while the other half remains dry as the Sahara.

Make it your own

Because rules are made to be broken. Happen to like the biscuity sludge at the bottom of the cup? Go for it. Like the way a chocolate biscuit melts like a mocha? Have at it.

Remember, the most important rule in the art of dunking is to have fun and enjoy your coffee just the way you like it—biscuit and all!

Whether you are a coffee purist or a cookie monster, there's a great big world of biscuits waiting to be explored. Your ideal coffee companion is out there.

To all the café owners listening in, knowing your customers' preferred coffee-biscuit pairings can turn a good morning routine into a great one. Maybe it’s time to jazz up that display case next to the cash register!

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