Traditional Shortbread Biscuits Recipe

By: Admin   On: 11 July 2020 

Traditional Shortbread Biscuits Recipe Traditional Shortbread Biscuits Recipe

Shortbread Cookies make a nice gift to take to a for a High Tea Party

Butter Shortbread biscuits are a simple to make and tasty, yet crunchy, traditional biscuit which originated with the Scots in the 1730s. They were named for their crumbly texture caused by their high fat content from the butter portions. Since may bakers save money by usine Margerine or other vegetable oil, better shortbread cookies made with Butter are often referred to as "Butter Shortbreads"
The basic recipe for these biscuits is usually one part white sugar, to two parts butter, & three parts wheat flour. 
Modern Bakers add other ingredients like a pinch of salt and cornflour or riceflour to change their texture. Some recipes alter the sugar ingredient using 50% icing sugar and 40% granulated Sugar.Jam drop Shortbreads
A true shortbread biscuit contains no leavening agent like baking soda or baking powder used in other baked goods. Many shortbread biscuits are sold as Scottish shortbread as there is still a cottage industry there for them and more developed Scottish bakers export branded fancy tins of shortbreads as Christmas gifts to many overseas countries.
Traditional Shortbread biscuits are often patterned before cooking as their stiff dough retains its shape during baking. Shortbread Biscuits are also often cut into a wide variery of shapes to differentiate products and variations. Multiple variations with a wide range of additives can now be found globally but the original recipe is hard to beat.
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