Wholesale Food Suppliers To The Public

Wholesale Food Suppliers To The Public Wholesale Food Suppliers To The Public

We are wholesale food suppliers to the public, shipping from our grocery warehouse in Warners Bay NSW. We ship overnight to most Australian metro areas.

Our main focus is of course to supply our distributors, our supermarket customers, cafes and other retailers. However since have an online store for our wholesale customers. It also allows our consumer customers to buy bulk orders online direct. Buy either at wholesale prices, or close to wholesale prices. Your will also get prompt shipments that we dispatch daily from our bulk grocery warehouse.

Wholesale Direct Online

Wholesale direct online, means contactless delivery and not having to queue up at the checkout, or to lug them in and out of your car. They are delivered to your door. It also means fast shopping, which takes very little time as our online store is categorised and searchable. So you are able to quickly find what you need without tramping around large grocery isles.

Wholesale Direct To The Public

Wholesale direct to the public, means that you get our low everyday prices. As bulk food suppliers, we can provide genuine bulk discounts for volume that are already preset on the product page, for every product. You dont need to negotiate if you are buying a bigger order. It is already there for you to take advantage. Most of our products have a very long shelf life. So they allow you to buy a higher quantity than you might have planned and shave the unit price. This further reduces the freight cost per unit.

Bulk Lollies online Direct

Buy bulk lollies online direct for your next function or kids party. You will find bulk packs of confectionery that are bargain buys to create a lolly bar, or lolly buffet, that really will dazzle your guests.

Buy Wholesale Direct

Buy Wholesale Direct and cut out the middleman markup. We are able to offer good prices everyday as we are not paying fancy high street rents to serve you. We only sell dry good groceries. So there are no issues at this online store with products requiring refrigeration.

We are also food wholesalers that offer an Organic Grocery range and a Gluten Free grocery range. Our superfoods category includes some ideal smoothie and acai bowl ingredients and toppings.

Opera Foods are Fine Food Distributors delivering a wide range of grocery products to retailers and foodservice clients. We are well known for our artisan made Healthy Cereals range, particularly low sugar cereal. Also Crunchy Granola, Bircher Muesli, Gluten Free Granola. We offer a great range of unique Packaged Cookies and Organic Asian Groceries.

We invite you to browse our main Food Blog as well as our brand label website's food blogs for recipe and meal ideas. We strive to be the wholesale food suppliers that you will come back to.