GMO Crops Vindicated - Actually Protecting the Environment

By: Aniko Silk   On: 11 July 2018 

GMO Crops Vindicated - Actually Protecting the Environment GMO Crops Vindicated - Actually Protecting the Environment

A former anti-GMO activist had now agreed that GMO Crops have been vindicated as actually protecting the environment

The activists against GMO foods have been dealt another blow when one of their own having changed over to the other side and declared that there is no scientific evidence that GMO foods are risky and in fact agrees with what most scientists say that any GMO food's DNA is no more likely to have a mutation than any other organism.

Moreover, science had shown multiple instances documented where GM foods require substantially less harmful pesticides than normal strains of the same plant. That many GMO crops are using more than 40% less pesticides, and that GM Cotton is actually using around 95% less pesticides.

In a speech to the National Press Club today former anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas, who apologised for his errors, says that the worst problem related to GM foods is that unqualified and emotional anti-GMO activists that have refused to face the scientific evidence about GM foods are keeping farmers in 3rd world countries, (those who most need GM foods for food security), from having access to these products.

Even Australia still has two states that still stop farmers from accessing GM crops. Australian Farmers will eventually use the weight of scientific evidence to overcome the emotive restrictions. However, there must be concern for damage caused by activists in other nations with the proliferation of social media being used to spread misleading information.

The reality now is that with science having revealed studies that prove GMO products can reduce a crop's reliance on water and on pesticides. GMO crops have in fact been Vindicated as actually protecting the environment.

Aniko Silk is the Executive Chef at Opera Foods Pty Ltd, manufacturers of the Australian Plum Foods and Mulberry Tree cereal food brands. The Opera Foods group does not currently use any GMO Foods and still does show non GMO on some of their product labels in the interests of informing their customers. For more information about our healthy cereal products and easy healthy breakfast recipes, contact Opera Foods on 02 4954 4077 or buy direct now through the Opera Foods' wholefoods bulk grocery online store