Acai Berry Powder - How to eat it

By: Aniko Silk   On: 7 April 2018 

Acai Berry Powder - How to eat it Acai Berry Powder - How to eat it

We know that Acai Berry Powder is made from a fruit that is one of natures great superfoods, but do we know how to eat acai berry powder.

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Acai berry powder can be a very convenient way to enjoy the benefits of one of nature’s best superfoods because the powdered form of this fruit is easy to store and requires no refrigeration.

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The most effective way to eat acai berry powder is to add it to smoothies, yoghurts, salad dressings, and deserts. You can mix it with water and fresh fruit or veggie juices however it does not dissolve fully so has more eye appeal in heavier liquids like ice cream, custard, yoghurt, fruit smoothies or vegetable smoothies.


Easy Healthy Breakfast with
Acai Berry Powder.

There are many options on how to eat acai Berry Powder and perhaps the best idea is to form a habit to regularly get your daily dose of this natural fruit superfood by making it part of a healthy breakfast cereal routine. 

Whether you like a porridge or a quick gourmet muesli or granola with milk for breakfast, you can sprinkle it on quickly. It is also easy to top it with a large dollop of yoghurt mixed in with a teaspoon of acai berry powder. 

Your toasted granola or your muesli mix, should be based on oats, as is your rolled oats porridge, (see my Plum Foods and Mulberry Tree brand  healthy cereal breakfast products), so you have an easy low GI meal for breakfast that is highly nutritious and healthy with the added nutrients and antioxidants of the Acai berry fruit.

A simplicity and time saving tip is to take a large yoghurt tub on purchase and add 7 teaspoons of acai berry powder and whisk it in with a fork then return it to the fridge ready to provide you with your daily quick dollop of Acai berry and yoghurt on your breakfast cereal. A nice way to eat acai berry powder.

I recommend Australia’s Amazon Power brand organic acai berry powder, as it is made from South America’s raw fresh Acai berries that are grown organically and then freeze-dried and powdered immediately after picking. This process ensures that the powdered fruit retains all of the nutritional benefits of the raw berry.

Acai berry powder contains healthy fats, phytosterols, plus good dietary fibre, which with regular consumption will help provide better cardiovascular health, and a healthy digestive system.

Benefits of Acai:

  • Boosts your immune system 
  • Assists in weight loss control.
  • Naturally Promotes your sex drive 
  • Contains anti-aging properties, 
  • Improves mental function and clarity
  • Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue 
  • High in Vitamin A for eye health
  • Improves skin health
  • Detoxifies and cleanses your body 
  • helps combat heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Supports a healthy heart


Aniko Silk is the Executive Chef at Opera Foods Pty Ltd, Australian manufacturers & distributors of fine food products. For more information about acai berry powder, and Plum Foods breakfast cereals, contact Opera Foods on 02 4954 4077 or buy direct through the Opera Foods  Fine Food Distributors..