Organic Rolled Oats a Healthy Breakfast Cereal?

By: admin   On: 29 June 2019 

Organic Rolled Oats a Healthy Breakfast Cereal? Organic Rolled Oats a Healthy Breakfast Cereal?

Hey winter is the time for porridge and organic rolled oats is the way to go. Throw in some of our super-food toppings like Acai berry powder.

Organic rolled oats are a great source of energy and a healthy breakfast cereal that is very high in antioxidants. The Organic Rolled Oats of Plum foods brand is natural organically grown oats . Our organic oats grown in the best growing conditions along with amazing climatic conditions. They are pesticide free and do not contain any chemicals as preservatives it is completely organic. Rolled oats are filled with fiber and hence keep the cholesterol levels in a check.

Organic Rolled Oats - Gluten Free?

Is oats gluten free?. NO it is not. Many retailers falsely claim this . It is very low in Gluten and some coeliacs can tolerate it. but oats is not entirely Gluten free.

Most health professionals recommend, including cereal grains as a part of our diet. Oats are one of the healthiest grains in the earth. Having oaten porridge on a daily basis also increases your stamina as it is a low GI food source. Its high fiber content can reduce constipation. Oats Porridge is a nutritious way to start your day it improves your metabolism and reduces the calorie intake.

Plum foods are healthy breakfast cereal producers in Australia. We specialize in gourmet granola and muesli products.

Buy Organic Rolled oats from our group online store. Plum Foods is a healthy cereal label brand of Opera Foods, a wholesale food suppliers to  Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.