Maple Nut Crunch with Yoghurt Banana Blueberries Strawberries

By: Aniko Silk   On: 5 August 2018 

An easy healthy breakfast recipe using crunchy granola and banana with fresh berries

Crunchy Granola with Fresh Fruit & Yoghurt

Recipe for Maple Nut Crunch easy healthy breakfast with yoghurt, banana, blueberries & strawberries.



  • 200g Low Fat Yoghurt
  • 100g Maple Nut Crunch roasted granola
  • 1 whole small Banana
  • 3 large Strawberries
  • 1 spoonfull of fresh Blueberries.

An easy healthy breakfast recipe. Total: about 320g. Time: Under 5 Minutes. Make sure you rinse your fresh fruit.

This is a larger breakfast for a growing teen or an active young man or woman. Scale it back for your needs.

Maple Nut Crunch is an award winning super crunchy granola from Plum Foods Australia, a division of Opera Foods..  Find an Opera Foods stockist near you. Plum foods make a range of low sugar, natural wholefood roasted granola and muesli breakfast foods as well as organic oats for porridge. See their article on what makes a good Muesli.