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Pep Tea Kombucha is
Unique Sugar Free,
Raw Organic Kombucha
Brewed in The Hunter Valley

Not available in the Big Supermarkets

Benefits of Pep Tea Kombucha:-

- Loaded with Healthy Probiotics
- Totally Organic
Sugar Free
- Caffeine Free
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- Fat Free
- Preservative Free

Pep Tea brand only needs 4 rows in your drinks fridge (one for each flavor) as the balance of the carton goes in the storeroom (needs no refridgeration  till opened).

Many grocery customers will buy our 12 pack carton lot.

Long life and if they reach their "Best Before" date,  we will 

replace that stock for regular wholesale customers.

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Pep Tea is a wholly own subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd.